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YolkSpire is a short 2D platformer in which you the player are challenged to compete in a exhilarating competition hosted by the magnificent Yolkchild! Be the first competitor to scale his towering skyscraper in hopes of being heir to a treasure "Beyond Imagination".

YolkSpire is the culmination of over a year of very broken up work. Being entirely made up of my own art, sounds, code, and music. I've put a large amount of effort into this project and am mostly happy with the results. So please enjoy and thank you for playing!

NOTE: This game automatically saves and loads your progress. If you would like to reset your save file hold the "delete" key for 3 seconds. (If for any reason the game crashes on launch try deleting "Save.sav" in your %appdata% folder under local/YolkSpire).

This games performance is tied to the framerate. For regular playing conditions it should run perfectly smooth, but if you are recording my game for a video you may need to mess with the settings to get the game to run optimally. My sincere apologies.


Movement - WASD / Arrow Keys / Spacebar

Interaction - Z

Fullscreen - F


YolkSpire.exe 37 MB


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Quite the journey with YolkSpire but I DID IT! And I won... well... I got a sense of pride and accomplishment. :) Seriously though, a nice challenge, the ending I thought was a bit too long. 


great fun - video coming out 14/8/19


This was super fun! The controls were tight, and the environment

was pleasing. I wish i had had more time to fully complete it.

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any plans for a mac version?

Unfortunately not. I do appreciate the enthusiasm though :-)

awesome game. just beat it, it was so much fun! i thought the levels were extremely well designed, and the level of challenge was near perfect. i really only started to get frustrated at the boss's last phase, but i finally managed to beat it! can't wait to play it again :D


This is the 2019 The Hardest Game. I loved it!! The art is genius. This art has inspired me so much! The sounds and music are perfect. I would pay for this. Only played like 30 mins


This is a neat little game. I did not finish it because I was starting to get a bit frustrated but I think it is really well made and the graphics and sound are pretty cool.


Took 96 minutes to beat the game and all I wanna know is if my little red dude got his reward ;-


Dude... You're Game is awesome. Great Music, Awesome Art, And a heartfelt end credit. The Boss Was a perfect blend of pattern and random-ness. This is a special expirence.


Made a video


Not gonna lie, I made it nowhere in this game. It lulled me into uncontrollable rage because I'm awful at platformers xD I thought it was great, though! It was fun, funny, designed well, and the mechanics were good. It wasn't no mario ice level bullshit where things are too slippery. So good work! Keep it up, bud!

very good game

the final boss was a tad irritating though

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A pretty cool game. However with my (trash) compute, the game seems to slow down a bit then go back to normal speed at random times. Still, i was able to have tons of fun and I really like the art style of the game! I really appreciate that my computer was able to handle this game too! Thanks so much for making an awesome game! Keep up the good work!


I would like it if I could skip the dialogue because after reading it i have to wait a couple of seconds before it goes on to the next line of text.


This could be a good game if it wasnt a matterf*cker that crashes the whole computer when you press f twice.

you know? pressing f accidentally getting to fullscreen. so just press f again to go into window mode again, right?

YOu will only see some ugly white window, both your mouse and keyboard start to dissipate, as no matter what you do or click, the computer will never listen to you anymore. not even taskmanager or stuff can be called anymore as the key combinations dont do anything either.

so yeah, looks like it would be a good game.

but after crashing my computer twice, I'm pissed.

Really sorry to hear that the game isn't working for you. I'm not exactly sure why this would be happening to your computer, as I went back to check for this glitch and didn't experience any issues. I'm guessing it's probably a specific issue with GameMaker and your computer. Thank you for trying my game regardless.

I like the simple character and the style of the game its weird but much fun


its so SO weird but its also really fun. the platforming works very well. very good game


This game is incredible! I loved the art work, the characters, their dialogue, the music. This game is a gem, Its so quirky and full of life I loved all of it. It was a great challenge climbing that tower, but I loved every minute of it.


Pretty great stuff you've got going on here! The art style is great and clearly communicates everything you need to see, the characters and writing are hilarious and the platforming is pretty darn tight! My only issues were likely caused by running the game in fullscreen and running a few taxing programs alongside it, but I think the movement in game is tied to the framerate and it caused a very weird feel when the framerate dropped. Still, a very niche issue, well done!

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Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm really sorry to hear about the frame rate issue which you're entirely correct about. It's an problem I had with my previous project that I thought would be remedied with the lower resolution and less taxing gameplay.

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Hey, just finished playing this, excellent game you've made! Got through with 232:12 and 204 deaths. Also got the secret, albeit by pure accident, but it was worth it.

Tight controls with multiple options for those like me who prefer them, checkpoints that are both fair and challenge-preserving, great art and sound, just long enough to make the most of what it has to offer without overdoing it, and a difficulty curve that gets nice and steep by the end without suddenly jerking up or down at any point. This game's got all the good stuff with none of the filler or crappy design that a lot of other games of this type suffer from.

Hell, I actually went through the annoyance of making an account on here and posting all this blather, just so I could praise this game, and I normally wouldn't bother doing that even for a free pizza, so that should be an indicator of how much I liked it.

All-in-all, this is some great stuff, really scratches that "Super Meat Boy/IWBTG" itch without going too crazy on difficulty. If you haven't given this a shot yet, do it, it's worth your time.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my game! Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback, it really means a lot!